This cable enables you to use software like DigiMaster 780, CW Type, or N1MM logger on your PC to send CW directly using your radio's CW key socket. This can give a cleaner transmitted signal than if you are using a tone from your soundcard with the radio set to SSB mode. It also gives the added benefit of the receiver being in CW mode, giving easy access to the correct filters and AGC settings for example.

One end of the cable has 3.5mm jack plug which connects to the CW key socket on the radio. A 6.35mm (1/4") adapter is also included. The other end has a USB plug which connects to the PC's USB port. The cable contains a USB to serial converter, so the cable appears as a COM port on the PC. Length approx 1.5m/4ft 9ins (if required, you can add a USB extension cable up to a total of 5m long).

To key the radio, the software uses the DTR line on the cable's COM port. An in-line opto-isolator means the PC and radio are isolated from each other electrically. This can drastically reduce interference from the PC, eliminate ground loops and lessen the risk of damage to your radio in the event of a fault in the PC's power supply.

The CW keying output is a MOSFET solid-state relay to ground, maximum current 500mA, maximum voltage 60V, DC (positive or negative) or AC. The connector sleeve is ground and the tip is the keying output. The ring is not connected. This should suit most modern radios.

Our standard cable uses the SiLabs CP2102 USB to serial chipset.

We also produce a premium version using the FTDI FT232RL chipset (listed separately).

Both work with all current versions of Windows.

For more detailed information please read our USB chipset information page.

CW software not included - please check your chosen software is compatible before purchase.

USB CW morse code keying cable with opto-isolator

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