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If you need help getting a USB cable working, there are some hints and tips below.

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  • check that it has not been left with neighbours or in a "safe" location
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If you still think your order may be lost, please get in touch and we will investigate immediately.

Drivers for USB to serial cables, CAT & programming cables etc.

Recent versions of Windows usually support our USB cables already, however we recommend that for best results you always install the latest drivers for your cable. Here are links direct to the chipset manufacturer's download pages. Driver installation is not usually needed for Linux as the necessary kernel modules are already present.

Our standard cables use CP2102 chips. Our premium cables use FTDI chips and have a paper tag with a red and black FTDI logo. In any case, if you are unsure which cable you have, it won't do any harm to try both drivers.

SiLabs CP2102 chipset
Driver downloads:
Installation guide:

FTDI FT232 chipset
Driver downloads:

Installation guides:

If you are interested in more detailed information about USB to serial chipsets, please read our USB chipset information page.

Help getting USB to serial cables working

CAT/C-IV, CW and programming cable instructions for use:

If you are having problems getting your USB cable working, please consult our USB cable trouble-shooting page. products

For help with V3 RTL-SDR dongles please visit:

Please kindly note: We are mail order only and do not have facilities for callers at our warehouse/workshop. If you require something urgently, we can usually get items to you next day.