Widely used for internal co-axial connections in amateur and commercial radio equipment, for example Icom, Elecraft, TenTec, Yaesu etc.

For use with RG-316, RG-174 and similar cables. Although originally designed for crimping, they can also be soldered.

Can be used to extract an IF output from the receiver of many radios. An SDR can then be used as a panadapter display. There are many articles on the web about this exciting application and new and updated ones are appearing all the time, so rather than link to them here, we suggest you search for recent articles relevant to your transceiver.

For more information on the TMP series of connectors, click here (opens PDF document).

Important: Please do not perform any modifications to your radio unless you are confident that you have the necessary tools and skills available.

TMP male plug Taiko Denki TMP-K01X-A1

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