This cable connects your LDG auto ATU to your Icom transceiver. Once installed, just use the 'tune' button on the radio to control the ATU. Please consult your ATU and transceiver manuals for full operational information.

The 4 pin plug connects to the transceiver's ATU socket. On the other end is a sleeve jack connector to supply power to the ATU and a 3.5mm jack for signalling. Length approx 1m/3ft 3in. Equivalent to LDG IC-PAC cable. Sold for use with LDG ATUs only. Please consult your ATU and transceiver manuals to ensure this is the correct cable for your installation.

If you are using this cable with the IC-718, be sure to set the tuner menu to "4". The LDG tuner and interface cable emulates the Icom-AH-4 tuner.

Cable for LDG auto ATU and Icom transceivers, 4 pin connector, IC-PAC equivalent

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