This plastic flexible shaft coupler is ideal for new projects or replacing broken couplers in existing equipment.

For use with variable capacitors, potentiometers, rotary encoders and switches, typically to join an extension shaft to the control. It allows for a small amount of mis-alignment, relieving strain on bearings and bushes.

This plastic version is great for use where insulation is required such as in a valve transmitter, linear amplifier, ATU etc.

Each shaft is secured by two allen screws at right angles, for maximum security.

Length: 22mm
Diameter: 15mm

Please note:
  • This coupler is for metric shafts with 6mm diameter. Some older equipment may use (imperial) 6.35mm (¼in) shafts.
  • A suitable 1.5mm allen key is required for assembly and is not supplied.

6mm plastic flexible shaft coupler for variable capacitor ATU, VFO, linear etc.

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