A small audio signal transformer for hi-z to lo-z impedance conversion (or vice versa).

Ideal for matching a low impedance communications microphone to a high impedance input.

Many vintage valve transceivers have high impedance microphone inputs and this can sometimes result in insufficient drive when used with a modern low impedance microphone. With this transformer, you can use a low impedance microphone and still have enough level to drive the transmitter properly. The transformer will even fit inside most hand microphones.

Used in the opposite direction, it could be used to connect a classic high impedance microphone to a modern radio with a low impedance input.

14.5mm long x 13.6mm wide x 12mm high. Through-hole mounting.

For more information please click here (opens PDF document). Note that the high impedance side is marked 'P'.

10k to 600 ohm audio transformer microphone impedance step-up step-down

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