High quality screened (shielded) cable. Length approx 1.5m/4ft 10ins.

This cable enables your Yaesu radio to control your SPE Expert linear amplifier. The cable assembly has a DB15 male plug which connects to the SPE Expert's CAT socket, and an 8 pin mini DIN male plug which connects to the transceiver's ACC (Cat) socket.

Suits SPE Expert Linear amplifier models 1K-FA, 1.3K-FA, 1.5K-FA, 2K-FA and Yaesu transceivers FT-817, FT-818.

The following functions are available with this cable:

  • PTT - The amplifier switches to transmit and back to receive at the same time as the transceiver.
  • ALC - Automatically backs off the transmitter's output power when the amplifier is driven to full power.
  • CAT - The amplifier is able to determine the exact frequency that the transceiver is tuned to. It then automatically switches to the correct band and if amplifier has an ATU fitted, recalls the appropriate ATU setting from memory.
  • Tx Inhibit - Used to improve the receive / transmit switching efficiency.

For a more in-depth description of these functions and instructions on how to set up the amplifier for your transceiver correctly, please consult your amplifier's manual.

CAT may need to be configured in the transceiver's menu. Please consult your transceiver's manual.

Obviously the FT-817/818 will not drive the amplifier to full power. Output will vary, depending on several factors including the gain of the amplifier and actual power output of the transceiver at the working frequency. For example, we obtained around 260W on 1.8MHz down to 150W on 50MHz with an FT-817 and 1K-FA.

8 pin SPE Expert Cat control cable for Yaesu FT-817 FT-818

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Tags: FT-817, FT-818, SPE, 1K-FA, 1.3K-FA, 1.5K-FA, 2K-FA

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