This adapter allows you to connect Icom desk microphones with an 8 pin round metal connector to Yaesu transceivers fitted with an 8 pin round socket. For example, you can use your Icom SM-30 desk microphone with your FT-847 radio - see list for compatible transceivers.

Features a sturdy, metal-bodied round connector and a fully moulded RJ45 plug joined with a 15cm/6in flexible black cable.

Suits Icom desk microphones. for example:

  • SM-5, SM-6, SM-8, SM-10, SM-20, SM-30, SM-50

Wired for these transceivers ONLY:

  • FT-DX101D, FT-847, FT-920, FT-950, 
  • FT-1000MP, FT-1000MP mkV, FT-1000MP mkV field
  • FT-2000, FT-2000D, FT-DX3000
  • FT-DX5000D, FT-DX5000MP
  • FT-DX9000, FT-DX9000CONT FT-DX9000D FT-DX9000MP

Note: Only the modern transceivers listed have the required (clean) power supply for the microphone. Only use with the specified brands. Mic. gain on radio will need adjustment. Channel Up/Down buttons on the microphone (if fitted) will not function.

Adapter - Icom desk microphones SM-20 SM-30 SM-50 to Yaesu radio 8 pin round

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Tags: SM-5, SM-8, SM-10, SM-20, SM-30, SM-50

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