High quality screened (shielded) cable. Length approx 1.5m/4ft 10ins.

This cable enables your Icom radio to control your Acom 'S' series linear amplifier. The cable assembly has a DE15 male plug which connects to the Acom's CAT/AUX socket, a 7 pin DIN plug to connect to the transceiver's ACC2 socket and a mono (TS) 3.5mm jack plug which connects to the transceiver's CI-V (REMOTE) socket.

For use with Acom 'S' series amplifiers, for example:

  • Acom 600S
  • Acom 700S
  • Acom 1200S
  • Acom 2020S

The following functions are available with this cable:

  • PTT - The amplifier switches to transmit and back to receive at the same time as the transceiver.
  • CI-V - The amplifier is able to determine the exact frequency that the transceiver is tuned to. It then automatically switches to the correct band.
  • Remote on/off - Switching on the transceiver also switches on the amplifier ready for use. Likewise, switching off the transceiver powers down the amplifier.

For a more in-depth description of these functions and instructions on how to set up the amplifier for your transceiver correctly, please consult your amplifier's manual.
CI-V may need to be configured in the transceiver's menu. Please consult your transceiver's manual.

This cable uses CI-V control. A Band control version is also available. For more information please visit our Cat v Band control information page.

Disconnect any existing PTT cable before connecting this cable - it is not necessary and will cause incorrect operation.

7 pin Acom 'S' series CI-V control cable for Icom IC-746 IC-756 IC-765 IC-7400 IC-7600 IC-7610 IC-7700 IC-7800

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