• Newsky TV28T RTL2832U/R820T RTL-SDR USB Stick + BNC pigtail

The original ubiquitous Realtek RTL-SDR USB stick, for use with HDSDR, SDR# etc.

Included are two items only:

  • Newsky TV28T USB stick
  • MCX to BNC antenna pigtail
There is a huge range of uses for these sticks and masses of documentation and software on the web. Because of this and because new software is released all the time, we do not include any SDR software. No OEM driver CD is included with the device as they are not used in this application. For SDR use, consult your SDR software documentation or website on how to install third party drivers.

The frequency range of an unmodified RTL-SDR is nominally 24 – 1766 MHz. With modifications (direct sampling) or a suitable up-converter (e.g. the ham-it-up) HF signals below 30MHz can be received.

Pigtail is approx. 15cm long. The female BNC connector is a bulkhead type, so is also perfect for if you want to mount your SDR stick in a case.

Use of this stick as an SDR receiver is experimental. Please research the subject thoroughly before buying and make sure you have the information, software and skills required to use the device. We cannot provide support for any application or software, however each stick is individually tested in our workshop to make sure it reaches you in working condition.

Newsky TV28T RTL2832U/R820T RTL-SDR USB Stick + BNC pigtail

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