This incredibly useful RS232 to TTL level converter uses the industry standard MAX3232 chip, providing a total of 4 channels, 2 in each direction. Simply connect to ground, apply power and connect your serial data inputs and outputs. No other components are required. The required capacitors are on-board. It is even small enough to fit inside a standard DB9 connector shell.

Can be used for two 3-wire serial ports with TxD/RxD/GND, or a single 5-wire port with TxD/RxD/GND and RTS/CTS handshaking lines.

  • PIC/AVR/Arduino projects
  • Hacking routers like the WRT54g
  • Adding a true RS232 port to your Raspberry Pi
  • Interface and programming cables
  • Power supply requirements - 3.0 to 5.5V DC
  • Number of drivers - 2
  • Number of receivers - 2
  • Maximum speed - 1Mbps
  • Dimensions - approx. 10mm x 17mm x 5mm

Supplied with full connection diagram.

Datasheet for the
MAX3232 IC used is available here.

Mini RS232 to TTL level converter module (Raspberry Pi WRT54g PIC AVR Arduino)

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