This superb optical rotary encoder is the ultimate solution for your DDS VFO project. Ultra-fine resolution gives totally smooth tuning with no jumping. Absolutely no backlash or play. No de-bounce required. Rated for up to 6000 rpm!

  • sealed ball bearings
  • fully enclosed - protected against dust
  • 400 pulses per revolution (1600 edges)
  • shaft accepts standard 6mm knobs
  • 5-24V DC supply
  • 2 open-collector quadature outputs
  • shaft dimensions 6mm Dia, 13mm Length
  • outer dimensions approx. 38mm Dia, 35.5mm Length
  • industrial quality
  • 1m screened cable
Demonstration only. Only the encoder is for sale.
Design notes:

The quadrature outputs are open-collector, so can be interfaced to 3V3 or 5V logic. Pull-up resistors will be required. With some microprocessors, these can be on-chip, enabled in software.

Because of the high resolution of the decoder, your software will need to be able to cope with high pulse frequencies and small tuning steps. Our demo in the video uses edge detection (1600/rev)
using interrupts and 1Hz tuning steps on an Arduino Mini Pro clone. This gives 1.6kHz per revolution. Simply substituting for a cheap contact-based decoder without changing the software may not give good results. Sample code here:

Panel mounting requires a 20mm hole and three M3 screws (included). Pin-out marked on each encoder. Case and markings (but not functionality) may vary slightly as availability dictates.

High resolution optical rotary encoder for DDS module VFO etc. 400 pulses/rev

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