A compatible, reasonably priced DTMF microphone for many popular Kenwood radios.
Use your transceiver with EchoLink and IRLP nodes, for remote control, phone patch or selective calling.

  • Built-in DTMF generator
  • Backlit full 16 button keypad
  • Up and Down buttons on top
  • Condenser (electret) microphone element
  • 8 pin round connector
  • Internal preset for adjusting DTMF level
As an added bonus, holding any DTMF key down in SSB transmit will generate a steady signal for checking your SWR and tuning up your antenna.

Wired to
suit Kenwood transceivers with 8 pin round connectors, including:
  • TS-2000 series
  • TS-680
  • TM-631A, TM-702A/E, TM-731A/E, TM-732A/E
  • TM-211A/E, TM-221A/E, TM-321A/E, TM-421A/E
If you are unsure if this is the microphone you need, please contact us with the model number of your radio and we will check for you.

Please note:

The keypad is only for sending DTMF tones, not for entering frequencies etc.

Tones will only be audible at the receiving end, not from your transceiver.
There is no 1750Hz toneburst, only PTT, Up and Down buttons.
The hanger may differ from the original Kenwood microphone.

DTMF microphone for Kenwood TS-2000 TM-702 TM-321 TM-731 TS-680 etc. - 8 pin round connector

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