• 5m USB remote control PC cable for Sky-Watcher SynScan telescopes

This handy one-piece cable allows you to connect your Synscan handset to your computer and enable remote control using Celestron's Nexremote software and other third-party applications. Also used for upgrading the handset firmware.

One end of the cable has a 6 pin modular plug which connects to the telescope's handset. The other end has a USB plug which connects to the PC's USB port. The cable contains a USB to serial converter and appears as a COM port on the PC. Length approx. 5 metres (16 feet). High quality fully screened/shielded flexible cable.

This cable is effectively the same as using a serial RS232 cable with a USB to serial converter, except of course it is a lot neater and more convenient.

Our standard cable uses the SiLabs CP2102 USB to serial chipset.

If you prefer the FTDI FT232RL chipset, select the premium version.

Both work with Windows up to version 10.

For more detailed information please read our USB chipset information page.

Important: Connect the cable to the handset only. DO NOT connect to your telescope mount. See P11 of the Synscan manual.

5m USB remote control PC cable for Sky-Watcher SynScan telescopes

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