• Linear amp switching cable with relay for Xiegu X5105 G90

High quality screened (shielded) cable. Length approx 1.5m/4ft 10ins.

This cable enables your Xiegu X5105 or G90 transceiver to control the transmit/receive switching of your linear amplifier. Essential if your linear doesn't have RF sensed switching. Even with amplifiers with RF switching, it eliminates the need for switching delays that often mean missing the first part of the other station's transmission - irritating at best, but disastrous while contesting or working fast CW!

The Xiegu CE-19 interface is not required. A state-of-the-art opto-isolated solid state relay is incorporated in the DIN connector which gives complete electrical isolation between the radio and amplifier, while providing up to 500mA switching capability at 48V DC or AC with only around 10mA drawn from the radio.

One end of the cable has a Phono/RCA plug which connects to the Key, Tx or PTT input connector of the linear amplifier. The other end of the cable has an 8 pin mini plug which connects to the ACC socket on the radio.

This cable is wired to suit amplifiers that require a closure to ground to switch them to transmit.

Also perfect for switching the MFJ-1025 and MFJ-1026 noise cancellers and many transverters and Tx/Rx antenna switchers that require a low current/voltage DC closure to ground.

The radio, cable or linear can be damaged by connecting incorrectly. Please check carefully by consulting the manual for your linear amplifier and make sure that you will not exceed the absolute maximum ratings of the relay:

  • Switching voltage 60V DC/AC
  • Continuous load current 500mA
  • Isolation 2.5kV for 1 min
Although we are happy to offer advice, it is ultimately your responsibility to verify that the switching output of your transceiver and the switching input of your amplifier can be safely connected to each other using this cable.

Linear amp switching cable with relay for Xiegu X5105 G90

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